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Do not neglect your feet. Help them become as beautiful as you are at One 2 One Spa. Our aestheticians can revitalize and energize your feet, and rid them of that weary, tired look. For a pedicure in Toronto, there is no better local nail salon One 2 One Spa. From our Classic Pedicure to the exquisite Margaret Dabbs Pedicure, there is a perfect foot pedicure available for you at the best spa in Toronto. Inject your feet with some life and colour! Our pedicures at One 2 One Spa can help dry and damaged feet, preserve your skin’s moisture and help keep your toenails happy and healthy. We can help exfoliate your feet, ridding yourself of dead skin, even around trouble areas like the heel of your foot. There are many health benefits to a pedicure at One 2 One Spa, but it is also a joyful, relaxing experience. 

However, it does not end there. Once your toes are perfect and you have received the best pedicure Toronto can offer, continue your visit at our salon and spa with a manicure, a new hair colour, updo or hair extensions! Then, complete the entire process with waxing, laser hair removal, facial, or a full body massage. For both men and women – there is no better feeling than receiving the best pedicure and the best nail designs Toronto can give.

The One-One Diamond Treatment Pedicure

Our most luxurious treatment for your feet!   After a dry filing and an extended soak in our warm, soothing, organic diamond crystals, the feet and legs are exfoliated with our mother-of-pearl creamy scrub, followed by a  coating with our Biotone mask and then enveloped with our heated, calming support wraps.  A quick pine-scented cleanse ensues before an avocado moisturizer is applied during a 10 mins healing massage.  And just to ensure the feet are completely re-hydrated, another foot wrap is applied to maintain moisture before the final polish is applied. Not just a pedicure, our Diamond Treatment Service gives tired, swollen feet the perfect solution with this expertly crafted experience.

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Our Classic Pedicure begins with a calming warm foot soak, and continues with cuticle care, nail shaping and a rigorous foot buff to do away with dry, rough skin that builds up over time. After a lotion application, the entire process is complete with your choice of nail polish from Rococo Nail Apparel. Have radiant, beautiful feet with the Classic Pedicure at One 2 One Spa!
Enjoy incredible, long-lasting shine, even with those open toed heels with the No-Chip Pedicure from One 2 One Spa. Using the latest in nail technology, the No-Chip Pedicure will provide extended, beautiful colour. This chemical-free treatment will allow you to enjoy flawless nails for up to 14 days.
Margaret Dabbs Toronto

Pair this treatment with our Margaret Dabbs Manicure and have your hands and feet sparkling! Utilizing anti-inflammatory lemon myrtle, emu and tea-tree oil, containing anti-microbial soothing properties, along with dry cuticle cleaning and exfoliation, finish the treatment with a foot, soak and oat milk hydration mask. Your feet will be noticeably healthier and radiant with the Margaret Dabbs Pedicure from One 2 One Spa!

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