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Add some volume. Add some length. For a special occasion or an everyday event, One 2 One Studio is the absolute best in hair extensions in the city of Toronto. We use only the best products, like Great Lengths Hair Extensions and Easihair Extensions to help you achieve your desired look.

The One 2 One Studio stylists are knowledgeable on the latest styles and techniques, and can flawlessly add length to your existing hair. 

Some women find that their hair just will not grow past a certain length. For some, getting that long, flowing look is not possible. One 2 One Studio’s stylists will add the length you have been looking for with Great Lengths Hair Extensions .

Change your style. Add some length and volume with our Great Lengths Hair Extensions and Easihair hair extensions.


One 2 One Studio uses Great Lengths Hair Extensions because they have been one step ahead from the start in the industry. No other system has developed a similarly non-compromising technique of attaching additional strands to the customer's own hair. Using only 100% natural human hair of the highest quality. Originating from London, England, Great Lengths Hair Extensions changed the industry, adding thickness and volume to hair in a revolutionary way. Great Lengths Hair Extensions is an industry leader given that they use only the highest quality human hair that is extremely durable, yet incredibly gentle.. Make your appointment for Great Lengths Hair Extensions for the best of hair extensions Toronto. Hair extensions are priced on consultation.
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High-quality extensions, Easihair Extensions can quickly add volume and length to any hairstyle. Our clip in hair extensions are a great option any salon with clients for who are looking to add temporary volume and length to their hair. They have been made with 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair. The pressure sensitive clips are easy to use and comfortable for everyday use. It’s easy to teach your clients how to maintain and use their clip in extensions. Our hair extensions are also a great choice for special occasion hairstyles. Since they are so high quality, they can be styled and maintained just as you would style your natural hair.  With a wide variety of hair extensions available in many colours and lengths, you can choose the perfect hair extension solution for your hair. With the Easihair Tape-In Extensions, you are one-step away from beautiful temporary volume and length. Easily blended into your natural hair, adding volume and thickness, the Easihair Hair Extensions are the perfect fit. For the best hair extensions Toronto can deliver, contact One 2 One Studio today to discover the best Easihair Extensions option for you! Hair extensions are priced on consultation.
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