Yumi Lashes - Alternative to Eye Lash Extensions

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Yumi Lashes is a revolutionary eyelash enhancement that gives your natural eyelashes length, thickness and amazing volume without the use of any adhesives or harsh chemicals.


Considered a “genuine revolution in the beauty industry”, Yumi is an eyelash lift that targets the natural keratin within your eyelashes and curves them upwards. However similar it may sound to an eyelash perm, Yumi is a non-invasive method that is hypoallergenic, paraben and formaldehyde-free and there are no false eyelashes attached or harmful chemicals used during the process.

Each treatment is personalized and individually designed to the eye shape and eyelash length of the client. The 5-step process includes:

  • anti-aging Q10 coenzyme infused gel pads that are applied to the undereye area
  • the lift itself
  • a tint that infuses the lashes with special pigmentation
  • the cleansing of the lashes
  • a special mascara applied at the end for conditioning and nourishment

The Yumi effect lasts for approximately 8-12 weeks, depending on the growths of the eyelashes that varies by individual, and requires no maintenance or removal.

Yumi Lash specialist receive professional training that will help them assess the individual needs of each client for the best result. At One-One Studio we are striving to offer only the most outstanding and high-end services and products to our clients. The Yumi lash enhancement is the pioneer and industry leader among the different eyelash lift technique, and the most recognized one in the beauty industry.


YUMI Before After


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