massage therapy


Receive a Massage Therapy treatment at One 2 One Spa and experience a reprieve from the chaos of everyday life. Relax and enjoy. From the light Relaxing Massage, the Mom-to-Be to the Deep Tissue Massage, our registered Massage Therapists will have your body feeling youthful and full of energy. This is a day at the spa to focus on reflexology, mitigation and pure comfort.


All of our massage therapy is priced identically, are performed by a registered massage therapist, and provide you with the best reprieve from the chaos of daily life. *Mom-to-Be 60 minutes only

30 Mins | $65          45 Mins | $85    
60 Mins | $100        90 Mins | $145


Ideal for those looking to simply relax and enjoy the healing benefits of touch, this service combines light to medium pressure amid long, gliding strokes in order to reduce tension, soothe sore muscles and increase circulation.


With an emphasis on deep strokes and heavy compression, this massage is intended for those looking to relieve pain and tension throughout the body. Some use of elbow, forearm and light stretching may be required in order to align the body and ease tight muscles.


Focusing on the unique pressures placed on a woman’s body during pregnancy. Circulation, relaxation and any existing sciatica issues are addressed throughout this gentle relief massage, designed to provide a safe, nurturing service for any expectant Mom.

massage treatment
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